I'm really proud of my work on this project as it was exciting to work on a short film that'd be displayed at Festivals and the like. I think if I had to pick, the credits are what I'm most proud of.
The titles are based off the design I made for the opening credits (shown below) but I prefer the closing credits because there wasn't really as clear a design in mind so I had a lot more creative freedom to put them how I liked while keeping the theme I had established in the opening credits
The opening credits are pretty straight forward. Track in a camera frame and the WORTH title then add some distortion on top. Mess with some keyframes and add a few effects for that smoke dissolve and the effect comes alive almost on its own. Though it looks relatively three dimensional it's based entirely off 2D tracking with special manipulation and a lot of manual work to give it that 3D effect.
Watch WORTH in its entirety here: